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Saturday 21 March 2015

Rotala sp. 'Green'

Plants that lend themselves particularly well to aquascaping are always in demand, and Rotala sp. 'Green' is no exception. Known in the hobby as both Rotala rotundifolia 'Green' and Rotala sp. 'Green', the taxonomic status of this plant is still uncertain. It may be either a form of R. rotundifolia or a separate species. Regardless of its nomenclature, however, this beautiful plant is swiftly gaining popularity due to its ease of cultivation and striking appearance. No data is available concerning its specific habitat, though the website of aquatic plant nursery Tropica states that its home continent is Asia. Like R. rotundifolia, Rotala sp. 'Green' is easy to grow. Though a wide range of light values will be tolerated, the higher the better is usually the case. This stem plant seems to be more predisposed to creeping across the substrate than R. rotundifolia. Though slightly warmer water will enhance its growth, this species demands no special treatment concerning pH or water hardness. CO2 is unnecessary, though speedier and healthier growth will result if it is used. Water column fertilization, especially the dosing of nitrate and iron, is essential or deficiencies will ensue; symptoms of deficiency include pale growth, reduced leaf size, and, eventually, the death of the stem (stunting).

Price per: 5 stems.

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