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Saturday 21 March 2015

Myriophyllum tuberculatum

M. tuberculatum is a challenging plant to cultivate successfully within an aquarium. Intense lighting of 1 watts per liter or more and CO2 are necessities if one hopes to have success with this Myriophyllum. Nitrates and phosphates should be dosed and kept at acceptable levels (5-15 ppm and 1-2 ppm respectively). Neither of these two macronutrients should ever be allowed to reach zero or stunting of the shoots will result. M. tuberculatum requires more iron and micronutrients than most other stem plants. Without sufficient micronutrients, the stems of this species will become very dark and small, and in cases of extreme deficiency, the death of the meristem will result. Under good conditions, this milfoil grows up toward the surface rapidly, producing many side shoots and becoming very bushy. The pruning of this species is a matter of removing and replanting the more robust top portions, as the rooted portions of the stem are slow to throw out new growth. Propagation can be completed simply by plucking a side shoot from a main stem and replanting it in the substrate.

Price per: 3 stems.

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