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Saturday 18 April 2015

Limnophila aromatica (L. punctata blume)

When hobbyists talk about Limnophila aromatica, they usually indeed mean L. hippuridoides, originating from the Malayan peninsula. This plant, often wrongly called "L. hippuroides", has a significantly larger number of leaves per whorl than L. aromatica (6 to 8, sometimes even more). When under strong lights, it is of an intensive, beautiful deep red, with pink leaf undersides. The real Limnophila aromatica, however, is not very widely spread in the aquarium hobby and its habit and looks are less striking than those of L. hippuridoides. In its submersed form, it has 2-3(-4?) leaves per node. It is a very variable species, there are green forms and those with different reddish hues. As its scientific name suggests, its leaves have a more or less aromatic scent when crushed, as they contain essential oils (most prominently, limonene). From Taiwan, a variety has been imported that is light green when submersed and that has 3 to 8 leaves per node. It corresponds to the description of Limnophila aromaticoides, which is today treated as a synonym of L. aromatica.

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