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Tuesday 9 June 2015

Lobelia cardinalis 'Small form'

Lobelia cardinalis 'Small form' is a very interesting cultivar of the larger-growing standard form of L. cardinalis. It can be discerned from the latter by its rounder, coin-shaped leaves and the far smaller overall stature. Lobelia cardinalis 'Small form' is rather undemanding. Besides sufficient light (0.5 watts per liter) it only needs CO2 injection for optimal growth regarding size, colour and growth rate. A good supply of micro- and macronutrients should be assured, too (NO3 10-20 mg/l, PO4 1-2 mg/l). Its unique appearance and growth habit makes it an ideal middleground plant. It can even be used as easy-to-care-for foreground plant in large aquaria. Lobelia cardinalis 'Small form' is often used in Dutch-style tanks to create diagonal, uprising streets, which loosen up the otherwise pretty static layouts. Its slow vertical growth predestines it for low-maintenance tanks.

Price per: 3 stems (grown emersed).

This item can be shipped ONLY to Europe.

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