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Monday 21 March 2016

Phyllanthus fluitans "Red root floater"

Phyllanthus fluitans originates from the Amazon River Basin. Although coming from a family dominated by desert plants, this plant has adapted to become a floating plant in a very humid environment. This species is a little more common in the trade due to its fast growth when conditions are good. It sometimes goes by the name red root floater. P. fluitans is not too difficult to grow given enough light and nutrients. Lighting should be intense (shoot for around 3 watts per gallon or more). CO2 is unnecessary. Nitrate and phosphate should be kept above zero (10 ppm or more and 1 ppm or more respectively), as this plant, like most floating plants, prefers rich conditions. Heavy iron and micronutrient dosing is essential for the health of this plant; without enough iron, this plant will fail to thrive. When conditions are good, this floating plant will produce slightly reddish leaves with small white flowers. This small floating plant is very easy to prune, as you simply have to skim off any excess from the water's surface. However, due to its fast growth, the aquarist will have to remove excess plants quite frequently to prevent it from overshadowing plants below it. P. fluitans is most suited to open top tanks where its beautiful foliage and tiny flowers can be most appreciated. The hairy, red root system can add a touch of color to the upper levels of an aquascape as well.

Price per: 5 plants.

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