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Monday 18 April 2016

Cryptocoryne parva

Endemic to the highlands of central Sri Lanka, the natural habitat of Crypt parva is along the banks of fast flowing rivers, an emersed marsh plant found in dense communities. Known as the smallest of the crypt species (only parva 'Mini' is smaller), it's bright grass green lanceolate leaves grow to 6 cm in height, dependent on available light and nutrients. Its small size makes it an excellent foreground plant. It has a very slow rate of growth. Rate of growth does not necessarily change even under ideal tank conditions. Crypt parva may require more light than other crypts due to its smaller leaf size, and does not do as well planted in shade conditions. Brighter light will create ideal growth patterns, with horizontal leaf spread. Lower light conditions will create more upright growth. Moderate light, CO2, root fertilization nutrient and nutrient rich substrate recommended for optimum growth. Enjoys iron and potassium to look its best, or susceptible to chlorotic and pinhole-riddled leaves. Flowers produced when grown emersed. Runners grown more frequently when grown emersed. Understanding Crypt melt - all Cryptocoryne species require stable water parameter and light conditions. Once planted, crypts should not be moved. It generally takes up to 30 days for a crypt to become established. Within a couple days of planting, any significant change in temperature, pH, hardness, nutrient, light intensity or duration, or root disturbance may cause the plant to 'melt' and disintegrate to mush. If this occurs, the roots tend to live, and new leaves may appear within several days or weeks, sometimes months.

Price per: clump with 5-7 individual plants (grown emersed).

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