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Wednesday 21 December 2016

Eriocaulon sp. 'Hainan Island' - Seeds

Eriocaulon sp. "Hainan Island" apparently comes from the tropical island Hainan that belongs to China. It is not yet determined to species but comparable to Eriocaulon cinereum. Its very decorative Eriocaulon develops a compact, hedgehog-like rosette with narrow, rigid leaves. We recommend strong lighting, rather soft water, a type of Aquasoil as substrate and good CO2 supply (about 20-30 mg/L). With its special, exotic appearance, Eriocaulon sp. "Hainan Island" works best as an accent plant in the foreground to midground, in an open place.

Price per: 30 seeds.

This item can be shipped internationally.

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The instructions how to grow them can be found here: https://bolbiaquarium.blogspot.hr/2016/02/growing-eriocaulon-from-seeds.html

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