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Saturday 20 October 2018

Ammannia crassicaulis

Ammannia crassicaulis from Africa is also known as Nesaea crassicaulis. It is is a beautiful and highly recommended aquarium plant, although it has high demands for light. It has red-brown, cognac-coloured leaves. Stems becomes 30-50 cm and 8-15 cm wide and develop a reddish coloration under water. Grows best in soft and slightly acidic water. Make sure the lower leaves get sufficient light, otherwise they will die off. Easy to propagate by side shoots or cuttings, which can be cut off and planted in the bottom. Ammannia crassicaulis, is distributed in swamps, rice paddies and rivulets of the African and Madagascan tropics. It is often confused with Ammannia gracilis, which indeed looks very similar, however, in the aquarium it has less intensively red hues, but is rather of a yellowish green to pale red. Most plants in trade that are sold under the name N. crassicaulis really are Ammannia gracilis.

Price per: 3 stems (grown emersed).

This item can be shipped ONLY to Europe.

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