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Monday 8 June 2020

Ludwigia repens 'Mesakana'

This colourful, round-leaved plant is selection of Ludwigia repens. Ludwigia repens 'Mesakana' is not a particularly difficult plant, but has somewhat higher demands than "standard" L. repens. A good macro and micronutrient supply is important, also rather soft water is beneficial. Good lighting provides vibrand red and orange tones. In the midground to background of not too small aquaria, a bush of Ludwigia repens 'Mesakana' provides a colourful eyecatcher. It contrasts well with fine-textured green plants. In comparison to other varietys of L. repens and to L. palustris x repens, the leaves of L. repens "Mesakana" grow larger, and have a rounder form. They are also more colourful and have a more pronounced pattern.

Price per: 3 stems.

This item can be shipped ONLY to Europe.

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