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Wednesday 11 November 2020

Fissidens sp. 'Wayanad'

This interesting and very rare variety of Fissidens moss originates from India. The feather-like, soft shoots are about 2-3 mm wide, branched at the base and have a decumbent to ascending growth habit. In the aquarium, Fissidens sp. 'Wayanad' grows slowly and benefits from a good supply of nutrients and CO2. It can be grown in non CO2 aquarium but it will grow very slowly. The small shoots are best tied to driftwood, rock or ceramic moss pads. Alternatively, you can also squeeze them into cracks of wood or stones. Another option is application by "yogurt method".
With its rather spreading, densely ramified growth, Fissidens sp. 'Wayanad' is best suited to be used for aquascaping. This filigree moss is one of the most beautiful epiphytes currently available and can be used for the greening of hardscape in many ways. Its deeply green, delicately textured cushions are an eye-catcher in bigger aquascapes as well as in nano aquariums!

Each portion is: moss grown on Dogwood disc Ø 35 - 40 mm.

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