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Tuesday 3 November 2020

Pogostemon erectus

Pogostemon erectus, a species from India, differs very much from the standard Pogostemon species in the aquarium hobby. This plant was erroneously imported as Rotala verticillaris, and later on correctly identified by means of its flowers. The light green needle-like narrow leaves grow densely on the stems. The plant is especially beautiful when planted in dense groups in the middle or background. When provided with good light (at least 0.5 W/litre), the addition of CO2 and regular fertilisation, this Pogostemon is not especially difficult in cultivation. When cultivated emerged, beautiful candle-like flower spikes with a characteristic smell will form when the plant gets sufficient light. In aquascaping, this species is best used in the background of an aquarium. Only in very large tanks it can be used further to the front. If it is provided with limited nitrogen it will develop a moderate growth rate, which is easier to handle, if the nitrogen supply is too high it will grow really, really fast. Its fine light green foliage is especially effective neighbouring red or magenta-coloured plants like Persicaria praetermissa. When the shoot tip is cut off, many lateral shoots are formed, so that the group grows very dense after some time. Then thorough trimming becomes a must.

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