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Tuesday 18 April 2023

Plantavit ferrum+ 500ml

Plantavit ferrum+ is a liquid fertilizer for planted aquariums which contains iron in the form of ferrous gluconate. Iron in this form is easily available to plants because the plant does not spend energy on its reduction as with chelated iron (EDTA, DTPA). In addition, ferrous gluconate has the added bonus of being a source of carbon. Iron plays a vital role in many enzymatic reactions of chlorophyll synthesis. Iron deficiency causes a decrease in chlorophyll production, which usually leads to chlorosis. A symptom of this is the yellowing of young leaves because iron is relatively immobile inside the plant.
Recommended iron concentrations in planted aquariums are from 0,05 to 0,2 mg/L.

Tips for use and dosage

Recommended dose: 1 ml / 50 L - adds 0,1 mg/L Fe *

• ideal for use in acidic/soft aquarium water with lower pH, provides highly usable iron for plants in these conditions, for immediate absorption.
• For the best effect, use on a daily basis.

* The dose is only an approximate recommendation, it can be adjusted depending on the preferred values.

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