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Saturday 15 April 2023

Plantavit phosphorus+ 500ml

Plantavit phosphorus+ is a liquid fertilizer for planted aquariums which contains phosphorus in the form of phosphate. Phosphorus plays a decisive role in plant metabolism. It regulates the intracellular energy balance and biological cellular processes by phosphorylating proteins, and it is a part of nucleic acids (DNA, RNA) and the cellular membrane (phospholipids). In aquariums with strong plant growth and a small number of fish that are fed sparingly, sources of organic phosphate are often insufficient, so inorganic phosphate must be added.
Recommended concentrations of phosphates in planted aquariums are from 0,2 to 4 mg/L PO4.

Tips for use and dosage

Recommended dose: 1 ml / 50 L - adds; 0,2 mg/L PO4, 0,07 mg/L P and 0,08 mg/L K

• Aquarium with strong lighting with the addition of CO2, densely planted: 1 ml / 50 L - daily *
• Aquarium with moderate lighting with the addition of CO2: 1 ml / 50 L - 3 - 4 times a week *
• Aquarium with low to moderate lighting without adding CO2: 1 ml / 50 L - 1-2 times a week *
• Aquarium with low lighting without adding CO2 with few plants: 1 ml / 50 L - 1 time a week *

* The dose is only an approximate recommendation and it should be adjusted depending on the phosphate consumption in the aquarium, which may differ for each individual aquarium.

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