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Saturday 21 March 2015

Elatine tiandra

Nice foreground plants are always appreciated and Elatine triandra is no exception. This inhabitant of mud flats and pond edges is rather rare in nature, where it occurs in a scattered fashion across the Northern Hemisphere. Once plants have adjusted to their new home, the hardest part is over. As long as certain requirements are met, Elatine triandra does not pose any particular problems. More than anything, this plant is a "nutrient hog". Surprisingly high levels of iron and macro nutrients are necessary if the plant is to thrive; don't skimp on either. If a nutrient-rich substrate is not used, heavy water column fertilization is recommended. Important too are abundant carbon dioxide and unobstructed lighting. Finally, E. triandra does best if the temperature is not allowed to exceed about 24ºC (76ºF).

Price per: 5 stems.

This item can be shipped ONLY to Europe.

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