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Wednesday 22 April 2015

Riccardia graeffei

This very decorative form of "Coral moss", also known as "Mini Pellia", is probably Riccardia graeffei. Its thallus branches are wider, shorter and softer and than those of Riccardia sp. "chamedryfolia", with a deeper green shade. The branches are horizontal, delicately ramified and form dense cushions with a layered structure. Riccardia sp. "graeffei" attaches itself by rhizoids; it should be tied or glued to rock or wood. It can also be squeezed into crevices of the hardscape. This liverwort is very brittle, but each small piece will grow. Old, big cushions should be trimmed in good time, otherwise they may become detached from the substrate. Riccardia species are not quite demanding, however they look best with medium lighting and good CO2 and nutrient supply. This filigree liverwort is among the most attractive epiphytes for the hardscape. Its deeply green, finely textured cushions are an eyecatcher, in larger aquascapes as well as in nano tanks.

Each portion is: 5x5 cm.

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