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Friday 23 October 2015

Vesicularia reticulata "Erect Moss"

Vesicularia reticulata ("Erect Moss") has a growing popularity among aquarists. Its vernacular name already hints at the growth habit of its stems and branches when they are cultivated submersed in a tank: upright. Its emersed form has a creeping habit, though. Like "Christmas moss" (Vesicularia montagnei), V. reticulata is widely distributed in the Asian tropics, where it is found in moist habitats. Under the microscope you can see that the leaves of this plant are ovate to lanceolate with an apiculate long tip. However, not only Vesicularia reticulata appears to be traded under the name erect moss, but also a Taxiphyllum species with an upright growth habit. On the other hand, the moss erroneously sold under the name "Craton(n)euron filicinum" could be in fact V. reticulata. As aquarium plant, V. reticulata grows best with moderate to intensive light.

Each portion is: 5x5 cm.

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