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Monday 11 January 2016

Bucephalandra sp. 'Apple Leaf'

Based on their appearance, Bucephalandras are similar to Anubias and Cryptocoryne species. When they were first introduced to the aquarium hobby, they were compared to Cryptocoryne species because of their narrow and usually olive-colored leaves. However, their creeping rhizomes and prehensile roots fit the characteristics of Anubias more closely. Bucephalandra is a wonderful and still relatively hard-to-find genus of plants that captivate many aquarists across the world thanks to their majestic appearance. Bucephalandras are an epiphyte endemic plants from Borneo island. Slow groing rare aquatic plants with a unique appearance. There are more than 200 species available today with different leaf shape and size. In general bucephalandras are hardy slow growing plants sutable for a range of different styles of aquarium. Relatively new to the hobby but gaining popularity rapidly. Because of their low demand are a good addition to any shrimp aquarium. Bucephalandra can be tied to rocks or wood, or have the roots buried in substrate (do not bury the rhizome). They are very hardy plants once they adjust to your tank and can tolerate a wide range of aquarium conditions including temperature, PH, and water hardness.

Price per: 1 plant with 5+ leaves on the rhizome.

This item can be shipped internationally.
This is relatively small Bucephalandra species! Leaf size approx. 1.5cm in lenght!

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