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Wednesday 17 January 2018

Hygrophila sp. 'Brown'

This undemanding stem plant is likely a variant of Hygrophila polysperma. It is still new to the aquarium hobby and was probably also introduced with the name Hygrophila sp. 'Thai'. The stems grow partly horizontal to ascending, forming loose, broad bushes. Hygrophila sp. 'Brown' grows well with medium lighting; optimal growth is achieved by CO2 injection and good nutrient supply. Trimming promotes the development of side shoots and a bushier growth. With its loose, bushy, somewhat irregular habit, this Hygrophila is well placed in the midground. With its coloration, It contrasts to light green plants. This fast-growing plant is also recommendable for freshly set-up tanks.

Price per: 3 stems.

This item can be shipped ONLY to Europe.

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