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Wednesday 17 January 2018

Ludwigia sphaerocarpa

An uncommon Ludwigia not long known in the aquarium hobby. Under water it forms beautiful compact almost rosette-like ascending shoots. Unlike previously cultivated Ludwigia species, L. sphaerocarpa is suited for the foreground and middle areas of aquascapes. With care and some careful pruning, strikingly attractive, mounded reddish-orange crowns can form. Stems that have become established can grow to around 15 cm wide from leaf tip to leaf tip, so some room is definitely required. If any become too large, they may be removed, and in a short time, several new, smaller shoots will form. Not small enough to form the basis of a foreground, it can instead compliment smaller species, which can help cover its less attractive lower portions. To maintain low growth and to preserve the health of the plant itself, strong lighting and a lack of shade are absolutely required; otherwise, plants remain green and grow much more slowly. If such conditions persist, the plants may eventually die. Although L. sphaerocarpa is probably not a plant for beginners, it will certainly have a lasting place in aquarium culture.

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