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Tuesday 22 August 2017

Rotala macrandra 'Mini Butterfly'

The deep red color of the leaves is what makes this plant a great mid-ground plant for any tank. Rotala Mini Butterfly is fairly new plant but it has quickly become a favorite because of its undemanding nature and spectacular color. The leaf structure of Rotala Mini Butterfly is quite small and dense. To bring out the nice red color, intense lighting and high iron concentration will be helpful. When trimmed into a bush, it looks like a fire ball, making your tank vivid instantly. Due to its small size, it is best used in nano tank or used as a foreground in a large tank. Rotala macrandra 'Mini Butterfly' is an unusually beautiful red color aquarium plant. It is most beautiful in groups, but do not plant individual shoots too close because this will prevent light reaching the lower leaves. To ensure good colour there must be sufficient micro-nutrients in the water.

Price per: 5 stems.

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